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  1. 4600 N$4,600.00
    The COSMOS II Ultra Tower features a streamlined design accentuated by a pair of distinctive handles like no other.
  2. 2990 N$2,990.00
    The much anticipated HAF X arrives as the flagship of the popular HAF (High Air Flow) series.
  3. 2415 N$2,415.00
    Built to be amongst the most agile full-towers, Stryker includes an ultra-strong travel-ready carrying handle
  4. 2185 N$2,185.00
    Direct Airflow Pathâ„¢ cooling for revolutionary performance.
  5. 1955 N$1,955.00
    HAF XM - a "mid tower" version of the HAF X, which comes with full tower features for PC enthusiasts.
  6. 1495 N$1,495.00
    Sumo 4192, GIGABYTE's first foray into computer cases received good reviews for its overall design.
  7. 1495 N$1,495.00
    Phenom Micro-ATX combines an elegantly modern outlook with an incredibly flexible internal structure for a cube design.

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