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  1. 15985 N$15,985.00
    The design for the GE60 was inspired by race cars. The aerodynamic lines, red trim, and color shifting reflect the need for speed of extreme gamers. Comparing to other brand name gaming laptops in the
  2. 1380 N$1,380.00
    Slim 25mm radiator and dual PWM fans for compact, customizable liquid CPU cooling
  3. 3450 N$3,450.00
    Razer Switchblade UI features a wide array of applications such as our social media applications, game enhancing applications, and game specific applications.
  4. 920 N$920.00
    The all-new Razer DeathAdder has been upgraded with the world’s first 6400dpi Optical Sensor. Achieve high levels of performance while retaining the feel of the optical sensor most DeathAdder users
  5. 10350 N$10,350.00
    Inrealised until now. Indispensible from now on.
  6. 12190 N$12,190.00
    Inrealised until now. Indispensible from now on.
  7. 13340 N$13,340.00
    Inrealised until now. Indispensible from now on.
  8. 782 N$782.00
    The Orca headphones from Razer come in a sleek design and will make your gaming experience incredibly rich and life-like.
  9. 782 N$782.00
    Hit the streets fearlessly when you’ve got your music and mobile gaming audio powered by the Razer Electra. - See more at: http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-electra#sthash.EKGHAscm.dpuf

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