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  1. 2990 N$2,990.00
    With a lag-free wireless connection and powered by Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound, G930 keeps your head in the game for up to 10 hours between charges.
  2. 690 N$690.00
    G300S optical gaming mouse. Power and control in perfect symmetry.
  3. 920 N$920.00
    With a compact shape that is comfortable and versatile. Daedalus Prime has been optimized for fingertip and claw grips to ensure the maximum possible comfort.
  4. 690 N$690.00
    When it comes to gaming, accuracy is the difference between life and death.
  5. 920 N$920.00
    Hyperion Fury combines an optical sensor featuring Logitech Delta Zero™ technology with our exclusive Fusion Engine™ hybrid sensor to enable tracking speeds in excess of 500 IPS.
  6. 1380 N$1,380.00
    Enter the VOID—the innovative and exciting new family of advanced gaming headsets from Corsair.
  7. 1610 N$1,610.00
    Enter the VOID—the innovative family of advanced gaming headsets from Corsair.
  8. 1955 N$1,955.00
    Enter the VOID — the innovative family of advanced gaming headsets from Corsair.
  9. 1495 N$1,495.00
    Comfortable, full-featured gaming audio and communications

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