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  1. 7360 N$7,360.00
    ASUS STRIX R9 390 delivers pumped gaming performance and extreme reliability
  2. 5290 N$5,290.00
    ASUS STRIX R9 380 delivers pumped gaming performance and extreme reliability
  3. 690 N$690.00
    Ergonomic design and Comfort. Rage ST has come to exceed your expectations about stereo headphones.
  4. 920 N$920.00
    Rage 7HX presents the brands most aggressive and striking design. Not only created to enjoy hardcore gaming session but also to capture the core of the struggle, effort and overcoming.
  5. 805 N$805.00
    Versatility, compatibility and high-quality stereo sound are the basic pillars on which Ozone Blast ST was built.
  6. 1150 N$1,150.00
    Built for pc and console. BLAST 4HX was designed and meticulously fine tuned for both pc and console gamers.
  7. 230 N$230.00
    Ozone Ground Level is a serie of mouse pads designed with gaming in mind.
  8. 6900 N$6,900.00
    There’s more to mini than meets the eye. The new iPad mini 4 puts uncompromising performance and potential in your hand.
  9. 1380 N$1,380.00
    Stylish, subtle piano polish finishing, providing an elegant accent to the desktop space and surrounding environment.
  10. 1035 N$1,035.00
    Superior gaming audio reproduction that’s a match for your high-end sound card

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