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  1. N$10,925.00 N$10,925.00 N$11,270.00
    iPhone at its largest. And thinnest.
  2. 1725 N$1,725.00
    Military-grade shock resistance. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 compliant and backwards compatible with USB 2.0
  3. 5980 N$5,980.00
    With an equally high White and Colour Light Output of 3,000 lumens, SVGA resolution and digital zoom, this LCD projector delivers bright business presentations
  4. 9200 N$9,200.00
    There’s more to mini than meets the eye. The new iPad mini 4 puts uncompromising performance and potential in your hand.
  5. 2645 N$2,645.00
    Be a part of the action. The elegant S2340L 58.4 cm (23") monitor offers ultrawide viewing, a virtually borderless screen and our Image Enhance feature.
  6. N$13,915.00 N$13,915.00 N$14,950.00
    One of the best things about a mac is everything you can do with it.

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